Old Ellicott City

0Historic Ellicott City (also known as “Old Ellicott City”) is a well-known National Historic Landmark that was founded in 1772. Believed to be one of the best places to live in, this city contains many attractions and activities for visitors and residents of the area. Back when the historic city was founded it became one of the largest mill towns and holds the oldest railroad terminus in the country. With over two hundred eighteen & nineteen century buildings filled with antiques, restaurants, and shops, Old Ellicott City is a fun and exciting place to visit while in Maryland.

One person in particular named Christos Espinosa, visited Historic Ellicott City and he says that when visiting the area “it was like stepping back in time.” He particularly enjoyed his visit to Old Ellicott City because he enjoyed discovering a new location and getting to experience the area and understand what the city is all about. When asked what his favorite part of the experience was, he replied that he had a very pleasing experience and that he particularly enjoyed visiting the different shops. He especially liked one shop that he had visited that sold many items and antiques. “It was my first time visiting Old Ellicott City, but I really enjoyed one shop in particular that sold a bizarre collection of antiques, décor, and collectibles that you can’t find anywhere else” responded Christos. Upon further discussion about Old Ellicott City and his experience, Christos also mentioned that he thoroughly enjoyed getting to visit and being able to go to any restaurant in the City afterwards. “The variety of restaurants in Old Ellicott City provides an advantage when visiting because a visitor can walk down the narrow streets from shop to shop and then can afterwards proceed to eat at any of the fine-dining restaurants scattered in this historic city. The experience overall was interesting” claimed Christos. When asked what he would say to someone new going to visit Old Ellicott City for the first time, Christos responded “The experience is well worth it but make sure you how to parallel park before going and good luck finding parking.”


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