Remember to Wave

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You know spring has arrived when the weather is warmer, flowers begin to bloom, and you can do more things outside. In my family, you know it’s spring time when it’s warm enough to head down to Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest is a private community along the Severn River. It is a very peaceful and happy community to be in.  My dad’s family has lived down there since the 1950’s  and some still currently live there. “Everyone waves in Sherwood. Even if you don’t know who they are, you still smile and wave.”

The best time in Sherwood isn’t spring time, but summer time. During the summer time, there is always something to do. Majority of the residents participate in the summer camp. Adults and teens run it, and kids do the activities. When my dad was growing up, he spent a number of his summers in Sherwood doing the summer camp.

“I stayed down there with my cousin and we would do the summer camp. There was archery, and sailing , lifting the flag on the flag pole. It was like we were in one of those movies.”

But for people who don’t live in Sherwood and don’t do the summer camp, there is still so much to do. People go hiking, swimming, fishing, and so much more. My family and I go down multiple times during  the summer and we go fishing, crabbing, and  swimming. I just love sitting on the peer, it’s always very peaceful.

Sherwood also has many traditions. Every year on the 3rd of July, they have a firework show. Everyone gets together to eat, watch the fireworks and just hang out. On the 4th, they have activities all day long. This past year, Sherwood celebrated its 100th anniversary. They had a big celebration on the 4th. It’s great to see a community that always stays true to its roots and remembers where they came from. My dad has always loved that about Sherwood. He said” I love that Sherwood never changes. Kids are always doing the same things kids did 50 years ago.” You always feel welcomed in Sherwood. Whether you are a member or not, they welcome you with open arms.

-Molly Fitzmaurice ’17


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