Boats, Burgers, and Best Friends in Baltimore


Winter is almost over and students are crawling out of there dark, enclosed rooms and venturing out into the outdoors. The cold is starting to turn into warmth and outdoor activities are becoming more appealing.

One great place to go in the spring is the Baltimore Inner Harbor.  There is so much to do outside and inside. There are many shops and stores around the harbor to explore. It is great to go store to store and feel the warmth of the sun while window shopping. Since it isn’t freezing outside, people are willing to venture outside to do their shopping rather than online shopping. There is less of a rush to get inside a store to escape the cold; people share conversations and are sight-seeing outside.

More time is spent outside rather than inside. Shopping in the spring in the Baltimore Harbor is a fun activity to do with friends involving the outdoors.

The inner Harbor is also great place to grab a bite to eat and eat outside. Cheesecake Factory, Noodles and Company and Steak and Shake are one of the view options to eat with the choice of outdoor seating with a view of the Chesapeake Bay. There is nothing like having a burger from Shake and State and eating it outside with your friends. This was something that I did with students Alexa Blue and Sarah Krammer. Sarah said that “The inner Harbor is the best place to hangout with friends.”

Along with the view, food, and shops, one of the activities you have to do is paddle boating. Alexa, Sarah and I went for a ride and enjoyed thoroughly. Sarah and I had not done this before, and to be honest, I thought it would be a boring ride. I was surprised how much fun we had boating on the bay, talking, struggling at maneuvering the boat, watching the ducks swim right next to us.

-Maddy McCracken ’17


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