Fishing Through Memories

The state of Old Bay and home to the second horse race in the Triple Crown is more than good food and fun sports events! Maryland has so many different activities to offer. From a baseball game in Camden yards, to visiting the birth place of the national anthem at Fort McHenry, Maryland also has many outdoors activities! Some of the well-known activities include fishing at Deep Creek Lake, Brookside Gardens, and Ocean City’s beaches. But one of the less known activities is walking the trails of the Patapsco Valley State Park.

The Patapsco Valley State park travels beside the Patapsco River and is over 16,043 acres of land. Local and friend, Allison Campbell of Catonsville, has lived in Patapsco area her whole life and loves to walk the trails of the park. One of the many things you can do in the park is hike its 170 miles of trails. Allison said, “I have grown up in this area and my family and I always go to the park on sunny days. It’s great because the park is only a five minute walk from my house!”

Another feature the park has to offer is the Patapsco River. You can fish, kayak and inner tube down the river. During the summer you can see many locals setting up along the banks with their fishing rods. You also see them standing on the swinging bridge.  Allison remembers when she was younger during the summer that she would go swimming with her brothers and they would use inner tubes and float down the river. “On super-hot days during the summer, we would pack a lunch and walk one of the trails down to the river. Our favorite trail was the one where you go through a tunnel under the railroad tracks”, Allison said. While she is now older, she still finds time to walk her favorite trails.

All Marylanders should at least once in their life go to the Patapsco Valley State Park and see all that it has to offer!

-Grace Bartlinski ’17



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