Eliminating Procrastinating


What are you doing for Lent? Every Catholic has most likely asked or answered this question many times this Lenten season. Most people like to give up their favorite dessert or stop going on social media. But some people view Lent as an opportunity to improve their lives and relationship with God. Like most Catholics, Mary Vita ’17 wants to make the most out of her Lent. Mary Vita gives something up for Lent every year, “I try to give up something that will help me be a better person.” She likes to change it up every year and not give up the same thing every Lent. That way, she can grow as a person. This year she decided to give up procrastinating after she comes home from school and swim practice so that she can finish her homework early. When she waits to do her homework, “It stresses [her] out a lot.” She said that she is happy with her decision to stop procrastinating for Lent and that doing homework early is already starting to become a habit.

I asked Mary how her sacrifice will help her improve her relationship with God. She replied, “You have to have self-discipline to not procrastinate. And you have to be self-disciplined to be persistent in your faith.” I then asked her if she wanted to continue this practice. She said she will definitely try to stop procrastinating after Lent. She has had a great experience doing so and she is confident that it will become a good habit and become less of a chore every day. Mary also wants to stop procrastinating because it will improve her life, “My Lenten sacrifice will help me in all aspects of life.” Giving up procrastinating is a great idea for Lent because a lot of people have this bad habit, and it is easier to break this habit when you have a higher purpose to do so.

-Sarah Witt


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