Favorite Time of Year

2Lent can mean many things for different people. For some, Lent is a season of sacrifice and repentance. While for others, Lent may not mean anything to them at all. And some people, like Mrs. Cohagan, Lent is one of their favorite times.

“It may sound crazy, but Lent is probably one if my favorite times during the liturgical year.”

We all know Mrs. Cohagan over in alumnae hall. But what you may not know about her is that she loves Lent. To Mrs. Cohagan, Lent is a time to make a positive change in life. She believes that during Lent, we should all take a moment and just have a conversation with God. Nothing special or fancy, just a moment to say hi. And that is part of her Lenten sacrifice/promise.

“I try not to listen to the radio.”

During Lent, Mrs. Cohagan tries to change from year to year. This year, she has given up listening to the radio when she is in the car. As hard as it may be, she uses that time to talk with God. To thank him for all he has done, or again just to say hi. It can also be used as a time for prayer. It is a good time to say a Hail Mary or an Our Father, or just praying on your own. The silence really helps to get into the mindset of prayer. She finds it very peaceful.

As for Easter, Mrs. Cohagan and her family enjoy going to the Eater Vigil. They have been going to it for the last few years, and they really enjoy. She says it is such a great experience, and believes that everyone should go at least once in their life. The next day on Easter, the Cohagans have a big family celebration. “We have your usual egg hunt and chocolate bunnies.” She enjoys being with her family and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

Mrs. Cohagan’s view on Lent is very interesting and it makes me want to strive to accomplish more during lent as well.

-Molly Fitzmaurice


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