Lent Takes a Twist

lent blog.jpgLenten traditions are in full swing throughout Mount De Sales Academy, ranging from giving up soda and sweets to attending Mass every morning in the Chapel. Ms. Miller, who works in the front office of MDSA, puts a little twist on her traditions to keep herself excited for the season. She was unsure of her ultimate goal during Lent, but was contemplating a few things she had hoped to gain from it. She likes to switch up what she does throughout Lent, so she refers to an online calendar that provides her with daily tasks to do that help bring her closer to God and those around her. Ms. Miller says, “I know this sounds goofy, but there is a calendar online and it tells you something to do for each day of Lent. Like today it said to give a gift to someone, and it is up to me to figure it out from there.”

“Lent is a time of self-discipline and reflection”

To Ms. Miller, “Lent is a time of self-discipline and reflection”. She uses the calendar to focus her thoughts and actions on others and God, while bettering herself as a Catholic with small day to day tasks. Also during Lent, she wanted to take a little extra time to slow down from her busy schedule and pray for all those who are sick or suffering and in need of a little extra prayer. Ms. Millers’s favorite saint, “St. Peregrine, is the saint of faith and healing. Whenever I hear of someone with cancer I always slip them a prayer card of his and remember to keep them in my prayer intentions.” To Ms. Miller, Lent is a time of growing and rooting more deeply in your faith, and praying to the patron saint of faith guides her to love and follow God every day.

-Christina Lukasavage


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