You are never too old to do an Easter egg hunt!

msk.jpgLent is an exciting time to grow in your faith and become closer to God in just a few short 40 days. In this powerful season, a lot of people forget the sacrifices that Jesus made for us, so many Christians today give something up or do something during Lent to try to thank God for everything that he does.  And that is exactly what Ms. Kalscheur does.

She is a math teacher at Mount de Sales Academy, who tries to give something up and tries to offer prayers and intentions up to God. Ms. Kalscheur says that she “has a love hate relationship with lent”, which is understandable because it is hard at times. Lent to her is a time to prepare for Easter and get closer to Jesus, so she can appreciate the Resurrection.  Every Lent is different for her, whether it is something she prays on or if it is something she gives up.

This Lent, she is focusing on keeping peace in stressful moments, because she knows God loves her and can give her peace in those times. Other things Ms. Kalscheur tries to do during Lent is read the daily Gospel, and wake up five minutes earlier to pray more. She says that people should try to participate in Lent because Jesus fasted for forty days, and if you do not do Lent, you cannot do Easter without suffering and death. “I find when I do Lent better, Easter is way better!”, said Ms. Kalscheur. To her, she thinks every week you should sacrifice something, to grow your relationship with God.

“I find when I do Lent better, Easter is way better!”

Like a lot of families during this season of joy and happiness, Ms. Kalscheur and her family have some Easter Traditions. These traditions include, getting Easter baskets in the morning filled with goodies, brunch with the family, and an Easter egg hunt around the house with real eggs. Ms. Kalscheur participates in Easter egg hunts too!! While Ms. Kalscheur is a great math teacher, she also is a great person to give you advice in how to deepen your faith.


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