Walking Through History

If Mount de Sales beat the nearby schools in any category, it’s definitely history. For 164 years, girls have walked the halls as students, artists, nuns, athletes and teachers. One of the best places to experience these years of history is the first room people walk into when they visit the school. Immediately to your right as you enter the front door is a cabinet labelled “on display in his cabinet are objects, dating from the first 80 years that Mount de Sales Academy existed” followed by a very brief history. Behind those glass doors are many objects which had been found on the school’s campus including books, shoes and paintings from past students.

When the visitor continues to walk through the school, they quickly reach the Senior Hallway. The hallway itself is a tradition at Mount de Sales; only seniors are allowed to walk through that area during school hours. While this rule is not official or strictly enforced, it is a perk that students look forward to for their last year of attendance. Junior Raeghan Smith says, “Next year I’m going to walk through the Senior Hallway every day, even if it’s not on my way.” Dressing the walls of this hallways are rows of frames dating back to the 1800s, all containing photographs of previous graduates. It’s one thing to hear about the years of history, it’s another to see the faces of the stories. Some students, such as Brooke Hoffman, enjoy “looking through the pictures and finding [their] teachers graduation pictures.” Visitors can also see how the school has grown, the oldest classes were as small as 2 graduates.

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Lizzie Halligan ’16


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