The Four Tall Columns Have Yet to Fall and Remain Evermore

The Mount de Sales yearbook is labeled, “The Ionic Columns.” When driving up to Mount de Sales, whether a student or visitor, the four iconic columns standout. Why… why are the columns seen and mentioned so often?

Part of the reason is because these four, tall, white columns are original to the school and Mount de Sales is  a historical artifact so this illustrates just how special these columns actually are. Projecting sixteen feet high, and molded all from metal, these columns add a unique and special feature to the school.

It is amazing to think that these columns have withstood nearly two hundred years. Julia Malcotti, from the junior class, agrees as she says, “The fact that the columns haven’t fallen yet is a miracle!” These columns have stood through numerous events and memories for example: wars, slavery, the Great Depression, Civil Rights, Mount de Sales as a boarding school, 163 years of graduation photos, and somehow they are still standing and representing the Mount de Sales we all know and love in a great and even more special way.

These columns are a symbol of the faith and strength that is rooted in Mount de Sales, creating a foundation for students to strive to their full potential. The columns represent how Mount de Sales was not just a random high school built because the government said so; Mount de Sales has a detailed history and a purpose, which the columns illustrate. As Cecilia Craig, a student in the graduating class of 2016, says,

“The detailed and grandiose columns showcase the hard work and determination the original visitation nuns put into growing Mount de Sales into a thriving community.”

There is something so profound in the fact that these four white columns are original to when the school was first built; they stand as a reminder of the love and deep foundation of faith and academics that is rooted in us here at Mount de Sales. In closing, these columns, “are a visual representation of the history of MDSA which provides a link between all current and graduated classes,” said by student, Taylor Forgen from the 2017 green class. Not only are the four columns pleasant to the eye but they also greatly add to the immense amount of beautiful history that Mount de Sales contains.

In the beginning…


Allie Doherty ’16


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