Pope Francis and Ms. Mastroianni Mashed Together in the City of Philly

Ms. Mastroianni recently attended the World Family Day in Philadelphia during Pope Francis’ visit. How did she get that chance you might ask, well… in the past she has worked alongside very prominent speakers such as, Jackie Francois and Jason Evert, as well as, having had the privilege to give talks at the Steubenville Youth Conferences for three years now which has created a platform for her name. She was offered this amazing opportunity by Ascension Press who quickly caught onto her great talent throughout the years. Ms. Mastroianni had lived in Philadelphia for a few years, where she had a small relationship with Ascension Press, but by watching the videos of her talks at the Steubenville Conferences, Ascension Press got a bigger scope of what Ms. Mastroianni was all about. Realizing just how awesome Ms. Mastroianni really is, Ascension Press reached out and offered her this incredible opportunity.  When asked why she said yes to go and participate in this event she admitted that, “it was an opportunity I could not pass up… I thought it was funny when they asked… it would have been easier for me to say no but that would have been out of fear so I knew that God was calling me to do it and I could not pass up the opportunity.” While there she was the MC for the youth track on Wednesday and Thursday; her job was basically to listen to all the talks and performances and connect them to one another and of course to get the crowd pumped up. She also was given the opportunity to give two talks, on Wednesday and Thursday. In response to what the topic of her talks were, she said, “if I were to put it really simply they were about mercy and the mercy of God, and our goodness.” She went on to explain how the goal of her talks were to get people in touch with how unique they are and how good and merciful God is. After her talks, she had people come up to her and acknowledge how powerful her talks were. In her humbleness she said,” I did have a few people come up to me, it is always moving, and that is why I do it. Even if it is just for one kid to realize how good they are and how much God loves them, my job is done… it is the best feeling in the world.” Ms. Mastroianni had a great experience and even though she was the one holding the microphone, she acknowledges that everyone there is on the same journey and that we are all striving for the same thing. She recalls that the energy and love that filled the air was incredible considering it was all for just one event with our one pope present. People from all over the world came to the city to see Pope Francis who happened to be her favorite part, “seeing him was my favorite part, just being in his presence.” World Family Day was a big success, especially for Ms. Mastroianni and she is extremely humbled and thankful for the opportunity she was offered to be apart of such a special day.


Allie Doherty


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