All about Mrs. Rehkemper!

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There isn’t always time in this crazy school year to officially meet and get to know all the new teachers, so here’s a chance to learn just a little about Mrs. Rehkemper. Remember though, you should still go meet her for yourself, because she is definitely someone you want to meet and get to know. Mrs. Rehkemper describes herself as “flexible and energetic” while others described her as, “friendly, and easygoing.”   She is all these things and more, which is why this interview was very fun to do and involved lots of laughter.

Mrs. Rehkemper is mother, wife, coach, teacher, and so much more. Mrs. Rehkemper is the mother of 3 daughters; “Libby a 9th grader at MDSA, Mia a 7th grader at St. Marks, and Mary Cate a 4th grader at St. Marks.  Mrs. Rehkemper and her husband have been married for 20 years and were High School sweethearts. In Mrs. Rehkemper’s free time she enjoys “Photography and reading, exercise, watching her girls play sports” and she even is the coach for some of their sport’s teams. Mrs. Rehkemper worked as a public school teacher and then after having her first daughter, she became a stay at home busy taking care of her home and growing family.

Mrs. Rehkemper grew up in Cheverly Maryland, the oldest out of 11 children. She attended St. Ambrose School and Parish and then went on to attend high school at St Vincent Pallotti. In high school, Mrs. Rehkemper “[I played] soccer, basketball, and softball … [and was in the] National Honor Society.” Mrs. Rehkemper went on to college at the Catholic University of America where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Early Childhood Education. In college Mrs. Rehkemper played college soccer, [and was a] medic on beach parole in New Jersey.   Upon graduating, Mrs. Rehkemper went on to be a teacher in both Prince Georges County and Howard County.  When she decided to be a stay at home mom, her academic work and her work on the playing field came in handy as a soccer coach and a basketball coach to one of her (younger sisters and of course, her daughters.

When asked what Mrs. Rehkemper’s greatest strength and something she would   work on she responded that her “strength would be my ability to teach and what I’d like to work on is balancing a busy family life.” That is something I believe that we can all relate too. Mrs. Rehkemper says her job at Mount de Sales is amazing. We also talked about her role in the teaching process and said “Helping students learn and have fun while doing it, [that’s the goal]” “When you can see the success [in your students] than you know learning is happening” She loves being back in a school and loves being able to teach where her oldest daughter goes to school. When asked what the best thing about being in the same school as her oldest daughter, she said “[I] like walking to school together, I like knowing about what’s going on, here at school but the challenge is knowing and remembering to also give her space.”  When talking about how she felt about teaching, her enthusiasm is contagious.  I asked, “Do you believe in the saying – ‘you learn something new every day and if so, what have you learned today?” Mrs. Rehkemper simply says “Yes, [and] I’ve learned that my daughter has a lot more confidence than I ever knew.” When asked if she focused on strengths or weaknesses she said “[it’s] Easier to focus on strengths because faith helps with the weaknesses.” I think this is some great advice for all of us. And that we all just need to remember that.  If you take away one thing from this interview it’s that MDSA now has a super positive new teacher who has true faith not just in God but in her students.  If you see in the halls you should say “Hi!” and remember to look at things as Mrs. Rehkemper does – Have goals, work toward them, but be flexible.  Always look on the positive side and if something doesn’t work as you want it to – have faith.

Megan Quinn


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