Behind the Scenes of AP Chem

The shower is not only for display!

The AP Chemistry class created a lab safety video to show to future science students. Since the AP exam these students have dedicated their time to planning, filming and editing an energetic and informative science video.  The students demonstrated how unique things in the lab work, such as the fire blanket and even the shower! Not too many students can say they have had to opportunity to use a lab shower but these students were given this unique and entertaining opportunity, Mrs. Luzier said, “The first time we got to use the shower was fun!” Some of the most exciting scenes to film involved a miniature fashion show of proper laboratory wear, actually using the chemical shower, seeing what the fire blanket looked like, and all the accidental times beakers were spilled and broken. Although the students are not trained actresses everyone put their heart into and learned a new skill.

Many students were able to test out their acting careers; some star roles included Stephanie Larson, as a super villain, Rachel Teti, as Captain Chemistry, and Katie Ortell as Lieutenant Lithium.  All the rest of the students were featured as the “chemistry students” demonstrating how use lab techniques. Katie Calderon talks about her acting skills saying, “Throughout all the days of filming, my acting skills have really developed and I now feel confident to drop out of high school to move to Hollywood.” Everyone enjoyed the experience and looks forward to the premiere of our film next year.
Behind the scenes, director, Mrs. Luzier, was feeding nervous actresses their lines and scenes had to be re-tapped up to four times due to difficulties with actors. “It felt as though we were producing a real movie with all the stage direction and opinions of editors” said Elizabeth Ryan. Everyone in the class has become fully appreciative and understanding as to how hard movie editors work in order to create a cohesive film with good transitions. However, after hours of editing and clipping scenes together the final product was created and might even be shared with science classes of other schools.
Hopefully everyone appreciates the amount of work put into this video when it is first seen next year. There are also some funny bloopers to look forward to at the end of the video featuring many of the students as they mess up their lines, and knock over and break beakers.
Karli Steranka ’16

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