A Different Learning Experience for Anatomy

Mrs. Riblett’s  and Sister Janet Mary’s Honors Anatomy classes dissected cats for their fourth quarter lab. For the week of April 27th through May 1st, the classes gathered in the bio lab to dissect the insides of a cat. The groups had fun naming, dissecting, and examining the organs of their cats. Students used scalpels, tweezers, and scissors. “It was an informational learning experience for the Anatomy classes” said Grace O’Toole, “some of whom hope to become doctors someday.”

“I thought it was very interesting to see the organs with my own eyes instead of just learning about them,” said junior Olivia Sherno.

This lab allowed the students to put their knowledge to the test, hands on. “It was interesting to have a visual of what we have been learning about all year,” said Meredith Jones. 

Katie Finamore ’16


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