Seniors Countdown to Graduation

With the final week of classes coming to a close and the first week of AP exams coming to an end there is a mixture of emotions among the senior class.
“It’s sad to be leaving all of my friends, but I’m excited for the new start that college has to offer,” said Julia Stafford ’15.
The end of senior year marks the end of Clare Lipscombe’s hot dog suit, which will be greatly missed on future spirit days. The senior locker room will no longer be covered in red, but rather yellow come next fall, and the class of 163 will stand together one last time on May 23rd.

“Ever since I watched my sister graduate in 2008 from Mount de Sales I’ve been looking forward to my turn to do the same. From being crowned the new last place class freshman year to winning the spirit cup this year, everything just feels bittersweet,” Kristen Stark ’15 said. 
K. Russell ’15

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