MDSA and MSJ ACE Students Design a Better Future!

Every Thursday afternoon MDSA and MSJ students get together to learn and apply skills in real life situations. In Architecture Construction and Engineering club, professionals, teachers, and students work to construct the project design for that year.

 “I really appreciated the guidance of the mentors this year. There are all very smart and educated in their field and I have learned a great deal from them,” said senior, Natalie Gobrial.

This year, within the site designated by ACE, MDSA and MSJ decided to reconstruct and renovate the US 5th Regiment Armory. The Armory will be constructed as a mixed use athletic venue with bowling, rock climbing, and an indoor field.

For weeks the club has been brain storming and sketching ideas creating charts, graphs, running numbers, and creating visual aids. The group is now putting together the presentation that will be presented at the competition on May 11th in Baltimore. Each school is given about ten minutes to give their “business proposal” and present their creative designs. They are judged on design, creativity, visual animation, and presentation. MDSA and MSJ ACE club hope to win this year, for a second time!

Jen Walls ’15


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