Baking Up a Logo for a Real Business

Goodies- Sweets & Treats now has an official logo, thanks to Mrs. Dubyoski, Computer Graphics teacher. The students had to create a business, in which they had to come up with a concept and consistent theme. 
“I wanted to make sure that the students would have experience working with a brand and keeping it consistent,” said Mrs. Dubyoski.  A main focus was “keeping the elements of the brand consistent” throughout the entire project. The task included creating a logo, letterhead, business card, and envelop, and this was no easy task to take on.  The project benefited Maribeth Myers, who runs the company out of her home. 
Goodies- Sweets & Treats is “a homemade baking business that provides customers with goodies for special occasions,” said Mrs. Myers, started baking when she was around eight years old with her mother.  The idea for the business sparked when, her family “needed money and I wanted to make money doing something I enjoy.”  Goodies- Sweets & Treats creates all kinds of goodies such as, “chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes, cookie cakes, cakes, and ‘pretzkies’.”  The final logo for Goodies- Sweets & Treats is a cupcake, one of Mrs. Myers’ specialties.

When asked about the success of the project, Mrs. Dubyoski said, “I am so proud because that means [the student] understood the concepts and was very successful.”

For more information, check out Maribeth Myers’ facebook page:

-Jennifer M ’16


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