Showing Off First Place Title

The stunt group prepares to fly.

The Mount de Sales Cheer Maryland Cup National Championship took a dramatic turn of events within the last hour until it was time to perform the routine. Just 60 minutes before the team had to go on the mat, 3 crucial members of the squad were not able to compete. The team had to work together to redo their entire routine at last minute.

Mount de Sales sailor, Summer Ryan, said, “The competition was so stressful because when we were going into the competition, 3 crucial members were not able to attend. The whole team was stressed, including the coaches. We used our fifteen minutes of warm ups to rework our whole routine. So we went on the floor, freaking out, trying to remember the last minute changes; ultimately we pulled it off and took home first place.”

When asked about to outcome of the competition, Meredith Jones, class of 2016, said, “The outcome of the new routine was very successful. We knew what we had to do and we worked well as a team and we had great mental flexibility. When it came time to announce our division, we were all very nervous. The announcer said ‘first place goes to mount de sales sailors’ and all of us jumped up in excitement. We took home first place and champion jackets.” 

– Katie Finamore ’16

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