Heading to Retirement after 50 years of Education

Mr.Reinckens showing his enthusiasm while teaching his French III class. 
Mount de Sales French teacher, Mr. Reinckens, is finally heading off to Florida to retire after dedicating 10 years to teaching at Mount de Sales Academy, and dedicating 50 years total to the education industry. Before Mount de Sales Mr.Reinckens was involved at 6 different schools across the country, from California all the way to Maryland. He was principle of two all boy catholic schools in California, Cantwell high school L.A., and Palma high school in Salinas. In Ohio he was principle of a co-ed catholic high school called St. Joseph Central Catholic High school. He was also principle at Saint William of York elementary school. When Mr.Reinckens moved again to Chicago he became the dean of discipline and athletic director or Saint Lawrence catholic school for boys. Lastly he was also the principle at our own rival school, the all-girls private catholic high school, Seton Keogh.
Out of all of the places Mr.Reinckens has lived, his favorite is San Francisco because of the culture, beauty, restaurants, and churches. However, he is still choosing to move to Florida, not California to retire because he has vacationed there the past 25 years and loves the warm weather. Some of his favorite hobbies are golf, fishing, and swimming; so he is excited to move to where it is warm and continue practicing his golf.
Mr.Reinckens said that “all of the schools I have taught at made me very happy but mount de sales has been the best because of the students, faculty, staff, administrators, and parents.” To him Mount de Sales has been “very special and very unique in following its mission and serving the girls to be wonderful educated women of the future.” Also one of his favorite parts of being involved at Mount de Sales has been being a Eucharistic minister and distributing ashed on ash Wednesday. He feels very blessed and considers it an extreme gift to be able to partake in that activity. He also looks forward to coming back to our graduation next year and says he will fly back to see us walk through the windows as long as he gets an invitation.
Mr. Reinckens has taught at Mount de Sales for many years and many of the years have blurred together, but two of his most vivid memories happen to involve people falling asleep. As we all know Mount de Sales girls put in lots of time and commitment to this school and are always very tired; however, not just us girls are tired. One time Mr. Reinckens put on a movie for his class to watch and he himself fell asleep in the back of the room. His students had to wake him up to let him know the class period was over and they were all leaving. Another story was in 2006, he and a group of teacher took about 25 girls to France, where they walked around and toured the city all day, then one night they were waiting for dinner and one girl fell asleep on the wall, on the streets of France, outside of the restaurant waiting for dinner.

Mr. Reinckens has been very dedicated to this school and all of the students in giving his past 10 years to us, and has been very giving to many other schools as well. He has had a life packed with many experiences and cultures, but Mount de Sales is proud to be one of his fondest memories. 
By; Karli Steranka

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