Forensic Fingerprinting with Miss Fuecker

Look at your hands. Did you know your fingerprints are unique? Even with 7,273,649,401 people in the world, no one has your exact fingerprint! Research has founded that everyone is born with a unique fingerprint due to ridges in the skin called dermal or friction ridges, so no two person’s dermal ridges are alike! However, your unique fingerprint falls under either three categories of fingerprints, loop, whorl, or arch. Looped fingerprints make up 65% of the population, whorled prints make up 30% and arches make up 5%. Insane isn’t it?! You don’t need to become a professional fingerprint analyst to find out your own print category, just simply roll your finger in ink and stamp it on a piece of paper and there you have it your very own unique fingerprint!

“I always try to do hands on activities with my students because I think my students comprehend the subject more and it makes the class more fun” said Miss Fuecker.
Valerie Fuecker, a Forensics teacher for eight years at Mount de Sales Academy, engaged her students in a fingerprinting activity on October 29th. In this activity Miss Fuecker had her student’s stamp their partners fingers in ink and transfer the prints to a piece of paper later having the students analyze their own fingerprint ridge characteristics.
“Miss Fuecker’s class activities always help me understand the concept better that we are learning in class because they are fun and interesting activities” said Danielle Manser.
To learn more about fingerprints, click the link below! J


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