Christmas Stockings in Textiles!

As you walk through the senior hallway you can see creative stockings hanging on the wall that were 
designed in Textiles class. Students in textiles were assigned to design their own stockings and then to create them at the sewing machine. Although very fun, some projects proved challenging as a few designs were intricate and detailed.
The project was extremely rewarding as senior Leah Mohler said, “the stocking project is a great way to showcase what I am learning in class.”
The best aspect about the stocking project is that it is very practical and even after the project is over, the students will be able to use the stockings for years to come. The project is perfectly summed up by the Textiles teacher, Mrs. Clements, “the stocking project a practical fun way to incorporate lots of new sewing skills.”
In all, the stocking project allows students to test their new learned skills and to design their own works of art that can be cherished for a lifetime.

-Passwaters-Stamper, ‘15

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