AP Bio Students Raise Butterflies

AP Biology students performed experiments to test the feeding preference of Brassica larvae and butterflies.

Sister Janet Mary’s AP Biology class started the year off raising Brassica larvae. The students created sanctuaries to test feeding preferences of both the larvae and the butterflies. The students learned a lot and even named their butterflies!
“For over 6 weeks, the AP Biology class has witnessed the transformation of the Brassica Butterflies from eggs, to larvae, to chrysalises, and to the emerging butterflies. The class did a great job designing and conducting their own experiments that inquire into the feeding preference of the larvae and of the butterflies and wrote a scientific lab report that situated their findings in the greater body of scientific knowledge.
“The girls appreciate gaining the enduring understanding that as matter goes through the food web, molecules rearrange themselves according to the principles of life of that particular species. When you think about it, it is fascinating how cabbage “turns into” larvae, and ultimately into butterflies. The molecules that made up the Brassica plants when received by the larvae, are broken down and the elements rearrange into molecules that make up the body of the larvae. And in the short duration of 1 week, these same elements drastically rearrange themselves to form molecules, cells, tissues, and organs that make up the butterflies, a body form and physiology that is so different from that of the larvae. Through studying the butterflies, the class marvels at God’s creation,” said Sister Janet Mary, O.P.

For commentary on the lab click the link below
Sound Cloud-Julia Darminio

M.Smith ’15

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