Join the Yearbook Staff with ReplayIt!

Imagine receiving your 2015 yearbook and spotting several of your own pictures! The yearbook staff wants student’s help in making the yearbook more personal and creative. With the help of a Josten’s apps, every sailor can be a contributor to the final print. When attending a Mount de Sales game or event, and a student takes a picture they’re proud of, it’s fast and easy to upload the picture to the Jostens Yearbook app, ReplayIt.

“It’s user friendly, easy to access, and stores everything on the cloud. I want a ton of participation!” said Mrs. Maggie Schorr, yearbook advisor.

Students can download ReplayIt for free from both the App Storefor Apple users, and Google Play for Android users. There is a camera on the application as well as a feature to upload pictures from a personal album. ReplayIt shows a stream of uploaded pictures from students and uses tags to organize photos. The more you upload, the more likely you’ll get pictures in the yearbook! We want to join us as part of the yearbook staff.

“Send us your best and check out the rest!” said John Brannigan, Mount de Sales’ Jostens Representative and ReplayIt enthusiast. 

-C. George ’15

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