Student Turns Trash To Art

Payton adds the final touches to her 3D garden M. Tibbo

Mrs. Jopson assigned her 3D art class to create art from recycled items.  The project took two weeks and the students could choose any recycled material to use in their works.“The project showed us how much we waste and taught us how to make recycling fun,”  said Emma Stair ’17.

Payton created flowers and even hummingbirds from folding book pages.  Using a specific kind of glue, “mosh posh”, she folded, cut, and arranged a 3D garden scene inside the book.   

This project provoked creativity and allowed the 3D art students to think outside the box and recycle trash into works of art. 

For an audio interview click here: Payton describes her recycled project “My husband never used paper napkins when I met him.  I saw the good in this.  We waste so much material that can be reused.  Other countries don’t have all that we have,” said Mrs. Jopson.

M. Tibbo ’15


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