Miss George Outside of the Classroom

Not only does she enjoy expanding the spiritual horizons of her students, Ms. Allison George is a gifted and successful photographer.

An alumnae of Mount de Sales, she first discovered her artistic strengths in Line and Color class, and furthered her talent under the guidance of Mrs. Jopsen, Mrs. Lanciotti, and Mrs. Clements. Her grandmother was a talented oil painter, and because she frequently visited her studio as a kid, Ms. George has always had an appreciation for art.
It wasn’t until she attended Mount St. Mary’s University to earn her degree in theology, with a minor in studio art, that she experienced her first dark room; she immediately  “fell in love” with photography.
“I love the art behind taking a picture, in capturing beautiful moments of life,” Ms. George said passionately. She has had her photography business for about four years now, her subject matter ranging from weddings and engagements to local businesses and restaurants, including Peace A Pizza in Catonsville. Although it became clear to her that returning to Mount de Sales to teach Morality and Church History was what God wanted, her photography will stay something she does on the side, focusing on it more in the summer.

“Working at Mount de Sales is a blessing, a dream come true… Still, I hope to further my degree in art at some point in time.” Check out her website at http://www.allisongeorgephotography.com/photoblog/

S. Muldoon ’15

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