New Year, New Moves!

It’s about that time of the year when the Mount de Sales Cheerleading team begins to prepare for the winter competitions. A lot of effort and time is put into preparing for the competitions. As a team of 17 girls, they begin preparing by learning the stunt sequences that will be used in the routine. After the stunts are learned, it’s time to start the whole routine.
Head Coach, Lindsey Carpenter, is to be married this November. Due to the time crunch, she has taken it upon herself to hire the team a professional choreographer. This October 18th Lindsay Balent, from Maryland Allstars Cheer Team, will be choreographing the Mount de Sales Cheerleading team’s winter competition routine.

Cheerleader, Summer Ryan ’16, believes that “the choreography will give the cheer team the opportunity to learn an awesome routine that will make us stronger and a more intimidating team…we will have to work hard and this is a new experience for us, but it is more professional and making us a stronger team.” Though it is about a five hour practice the girls remain faithful that they can do it!

Terese Beach ’16 says, “The practice will be difficult to get through but then its practice, practice, practice and it will all pay off at competitions!”

The cheer team will work their magic on the mat this December 13th at Spalding’s IAAM, January 17th at Pallotti’s, January 24 at Maryland Cup Nationals, February 14th at Terp Championships at College Park and on February 28th at Reach the Beach.

-L.Nalley ’15

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