When Duty Calls, She Answers

Mrs. Nava helps  Colleen Cusick understand Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

Photo taken by: Kathleen Malcotti

After working for so long on the Administration side of Mount de Sales, Mrs. Kim Nava was ready and willing to take on the position of freshman English teacher. Mrs. Nava was called into action towards the beginning of the year after Mrs. Jasinski had to leave to take care of her daughter. She took over Mrs. Jasinski’s B, C, and G blocks, all  freshman English classes.

“I really enjoy teaching the freshman. We are learning about Macbeth now, so I try and make it as fun as possible,” said Mrs. Nava. The freshmen learn everything from Shakespeare, to short stories, to learning how to formulate papers.
The freshmen are excited to have Mrs. Nava as their teacher. “I like Mrs. Nava a lot. I think it’s good we finally have one teacher and not a bunch of substitutes,” said freshman Colleen Cusick. Mrs. Nava has her Master’s Degree in English and has taught in other schools previously. 

Kathleen Malcotti ‘14

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