14 Years and Counting

Custodian John Tanner not only fixes up the school but shares his positive and caring energy with every student he encounters. October 22, 2013 marked “Mr. John’s” 14th year at MDSA and the students and faculty are extremely grateful for all of his hard work. Mr. John maintains a fun atmosphere wherever he is working in the school and the students notice.

“I love whenever Mr. John plays his fun music while working, sometimes it’s classical or rock,” said senior Liz Ann Inglisa.

Last summer Mr. John repainted the floors, walls and lockers in the senior locker room just in time for the new school year! Mr. John says it’s a challenge each day but he feels accomplished after his projects are finished. All of the students love to see Mr. John’s face after school waiting to greet them with a “hey lady” and a smile.

“I think it’s great how long Mr. John has been working here and I hope he stays for many more years!’ said junior Meg Martel.

Caroline Walsh ’15


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