Shannon Moran Showcases her Skillz

Two plays, one talent show, and vocal rest are no obstacle for junior Shannon Moran.

“Shannon is not only an outstanding singer, but is great company to the whole junior class,” said junior Camryn Beaumont.

Shannon Moran has been singing since she was a child. She has participated in over five plays in the last three years, has taken Chorus three years, and has sung in two talent shows. Because of her major role in this year’s school play as Miss Hannigan, Shannon was put on vocal rest for two days so she would be prepared to sing in the 2013 talent show. Besides her astounding singing voice, Shannon played volleyball for Mount de Sales her freshman and sophomore year, and is also nationally ranked in the game Scrabble. A few years ago, Shannon and junior Mariah Passwaters-Stamper traveled to Florida to compete in a Scrabble competition and placed 87thin the nation. Somehow, Shannon still manages to maintain an A average and be an amazing friend and role model to the entire junior class. Make sure to go see Shannon Moran playing the role of Miss Hannigan in this year’s Mount de Sales’ play “Annie”.

The junior class vice president, Maggie Smith, says “Her talent show performance gave me chills.”

Meg Martel ‘15

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