Sailors Discover Personality Match

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Juniors and seniors in Mrs. Schorr’s photojournalism class completed the 72-questionairre, Myers-Briggs Personality Test.  Developed by Katharine Cooks Briggs and her daughter Isabel, the examination uses psychological analysis from Carl Jung in order to determine a person’s developed personality.

” I wanted to create self awareness for the students and also help them understand other personality types to prepare for future interviews,” said Mrs. Schorr, ESFP.

The test evaluates an individual’s personality that outside forces mold.  Factors such as environment, social distinction, and heritage affect personality.  After taking the exam, test takers enter their name and age to find out the results.  The typology test then calculates the marks with a four letter answer.  Each letter stands for qualities such as extroverted, intuitive, and perceptive.  With each letter combination comes an explanation on the personality types. 

Although the test is not accurate for each person, the Myers and Briggs Foundation relates that those who retest receive the same results 75%-90% of the time.  According to senior Diana Weyandt, the Myers-Briggs exam matched her personality accurately and helped her to further understand her inner being.  Weyandt said, “The test accurately reflects my thinking process.  I think it can help you understand the way you process things.” 

Students found the test fascinating and beneficial for improving study habits, developing deeper personal relationships, and correcting flaws.  For more information about the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, visit 

Tori Tully ’14

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