Religion Teacher Runs Successful Photography Business

From weddings, engagements, and portraits, to babies and family, Miss. George captures beautiful moments. She runs this business in addition to being a Church History and Morality teacher for juniors and seniors at Mount de Sales.

“I’ve always been interested in art and I started thinking about photography when a friend asked me to take photos at her wedding,” said Miss George.

She started her photography business in 2010 and runs it on her own with the exception of occasionally calling other photographers to assist her. She takes photos during the summer and some weekends throughout the rest of the year.

Her three year old business has grown, and Miss George is often asked to take pictures for people she has never met. These people find out about her business not only through word of mouth but also through her facebook page, “Allison George Photography”. If you ever need a photographer keep Miss George and her business in mind!

“Its super fun, I love it,” said Miss George, smiling. 

Leah Mohler ’15

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