Artist Bakes Masterpieces

Senior Alexis Becker is well-known for her artistic talents, creative style, and complex, detailed art pieces. However, many do not know Lexi, too, is an aspiring cake designer. 

At a young age, Lexi watched TLC’s “Amazing Wedding Cakes” and always fascinated by the intricate cakes created. At age twelve, Lexi decided to take up cake-making as a hobby. Lexi was excited to use the cake making kit her mom bought her. Although her the first cake she made was, as she described it, “repulsive,” she had a strong determination to succeed. After practicing her techniques, Lexi started developing her kitchen into a cake-making bakery. 

Today, numerous clients contact Lexi for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. Lexi said, “I used to have to reach out to people and make an effort to contact them first, but now, clients are hearing about me and contacting me themselves.”

Although at age 12, many believed her newfound hobby was just a “phase,” Lexi plans to continue her cake-making skills at Wales Universitywhere she plans to study Baking and Pastry. There, Lexi hopes that her hobby will become a full-time career. For a birthday party, Lexi made sophomore, Danielle Fraser, a three tiered cake with sugar lace and sunflower accents. Danielle was astonished by the incredible, intricate, professional design. Danielle said, “The cake was so delicious and everyone loved it!” There is no doubt Lexi will make her hidden hobby into a renowned, money-making business.

K. Connelly ’14


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