Volleyball Player Wins Singing Scholarship

Not only does freshman Grayce Burns have talent on the volleyball court, but she also excels in the singing world.  Along with the Mount de Sales instrumental and High School Placement Test scholarships, Grayce attends Mount de Sales with the Voice scholarship.  Grayce spent about three months and 17 lessons to prepare for the auditions, where she sang Amazing Grace and had to match pitch with the piano and sight read. 
“I’ve been singing professionally since I was four, and the first paid project I was in was Annie,” said Grayce. “My favorite genres to sing are musical theatre and opera, and my favorite song to sing is the Wizard and I from Wicked because I can act while singing it.”
Grayce has lessons for 90 minutes a week, and practices at home for 30 minutes every day.  She once auditioned for Annie on Broadway in New York, but didn’t want to live there permanently.  Although singing is a huge part of Grayce’s life she doesn’t see herself singing as a profession because of the small success rate in the singing and acting field.

“I love singing because it lets me escape my problems and become someone else.  When I’m singing, I really identify with the person singing because usually they’re facing and overcoming a problem and singing shows me that I can overcome my problems too,” said Grayce.

Hanna Giotis ’15

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