Sailor Begins to Soar

Helen Gabregiorgish ’09 graduate with honors, immediately began interning for General Electric. She received a $10,000 scholarship to Loyola University ‘13 and majored in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.

After interning for 6 months, she designed a cover for a plane’s Thrust Reverser which helps decelerate the engine during landing so that it avoids wearing of the brakes.

“Designing a part all on my own was exhilarating and scary at the same time… I was surrounded by people who supported me even though I was merely a young intern,” said Ms. Gabregiorgish, who now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After graduating Loyola, Ms. Gabregiorgish was accepted into the Edison program with an 8% acceptance rate that offers a full time job and pays for graduate school. Ms. Gabregiorgish was one of four interns that were accepted into the Edison program from the GE Maryland plant.

“I always knew she would stick out from the rest of her peers… she was always a special little girl,” said Rishan Habtemicheal, Helen’s mother.

Sarah Gabregiorgish ’14


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