Outdoor Adventure Club Begins a New Adventure

Sister Anne Frances O.P. shows Outdoor Adventure Club’s
 President Megan McDermott a “woolly caterpillar”
Junior Megan McDermott has saved Outdoor Adventure club. The club used to be a thriving club at MDS, under the teacher sponsorship of Sister Anne Catherine O.P. After Sister’s departure in 2012, the club did not meet in the 2012-2013 school year. This year, Megan who has a passion for the outdoors knew something had to be done.
“I just went ahead and took action,” said the lively junior.
Megan recruited new teachers Miss Mastroianni and Sister Anne Francis O.P. to be the sponsors of the club, and OAC has accumulated over 40 new members for the school year. Students hiked over three miles in Patapsco State Park after the PSAT on October 16th.

“It was so nice to relax after sitting through the testing- OAC is the best!” said fellow junior and member Katie Nardolillo, who is looking forward to next month’s adventure.

Merry Baronas ’14

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