Small Time Athletes Make it to the Big Leagues

Part time student. Part time athlete. Three Mount De Sales alumni from the 2013 graduating class have the privilege to play lacrosse at a division I college.

“Practices are a lot harder than usual, school and lacrosse are like two full time jobs and I have little to no free time, but I love every minute of it,” said Carly Williams.

Carly Williams, freshmen attack man at Old Dominion University, comments on her sever life change and adjustment from being a high school student athlete to becoming a division one student athlete. The life of a college student athlete is much more difficult compared to that of a high school athlete. Coaches expect much more effort and commitment.

“Squatting is my worst enemy,” said Caroline Williams.

Caroline Williams, freshmen defender at Coastal Carolina University, comments on her new workouts for college. College athletes are expected to be in the best physical condition with the exception of injuries. Strengthening and conditioning is a daily must for lacrosse players. Each college is different but all players must be able to pass certain run tests. At Coastal Carolina players must complete twenty reps of running 110 yards within 20 seconds with a 40 second job back.

Maddie Fields ’15


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