Paging Doctor Gers

Although the school year has just begun, students already find themselves drowning in piles of papers. Luckily, the Mount de Sales guidance office has just the fix.
“Teachers just have to see a sickly notebook and refer the patients to me,” said Mrs. Gers.
Guidance counselor, Mrs. Gers, has offered her services to disorganized students.  She assists students with poorly organized notebooks by giving them tips and tricks on how to organize their binders and notebooks. She has taken on the title of the “Notebook Doctor.” Mrs. Gers got the idea while at a conference recently.
“I thought it was a good idea for our girls that needed a little help with organization,” recalls Mrs. Gers.
While there are professional notebook organizers who charge hundreds of dollars for their services, Mrs. Gers performs this task for no charge. All students need is a referral from a teacher. Just like a normal doctor, Mrs. Gers consults the patients and prescribes them with ways to get their notebooks to a clean bill of health. All appointments are strictly confidential, also.
For the time being, this opportunity is only being offered to under classmen. Mrs. Gers wants to see how successful the program is and, if there is success, she will open up the program to the rest of the student body.
Allisun Sipes ‘14

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