MDSA Students Leave Their Mark on International Issues

The education of women in developing countries.  The cholera epidemic in Haiti.  Fistula operations in Ethiopia.  These are only a few of the topics discussed at the International Awareness meetings, which occur every Thursday at break in the second floor computer lab.  The club aims to give students a taste of the outside world, different cultures, and international issues. 

IAC vice president Hannah Burke said, “Our club is taking small but necessary steps towards connecting the world as a whole.  We work hard to promote awareness of the hard moral issues present in our world today”.  The club has fundraised for such organizations such as Invisible Children, World Vision, and the Fistula Foundation just to name a few.  Most recently, the group sponsored a showing of Girl Rising, a film highlighting the importance and impact of education for nine girls in developing countries with their stories told by celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Freida Pinto, Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep. 
The Catonsville Women’s Giving Circle hosted the showing with over 180 moviegoers and $1,000 raised for 10X10, the company that produced Girl Rising, this August at the Hollywood Theater in Arbutus.  All of the monetary funds were donated to helping the girls in the production. 

In the Catonsville Women’s Giving Circle press release, member Sharon Runge said, “Girl Rising is a powerful and thought provoking film.  My teenage daughters were amazed to see how tough it is for girls around the world and inspired to help make a difference.  The cinematography is stunning and the stories varied.  This is a film that everyone should see.”
At the premiere, several Mount de Sales girls were present, including senior Jessica Harris, who found the film worthwhile. 

Harris said, “Girl Rising really opened my eyes to the plight of women in other countries.  I never fully realized how fortunate I was until I watched that movie.  Only three percent of women in the world have obtained the level of education that I have—now I know how important the part I play nationally as an educated woman is.” Additionally, the club hopes to prevent a viewing of Girl Rising at school.

For the club’s next fundraiser, the girls are selling raffles for one of three delegated charities.  Three charities were chosen by club members to be featured in the raffle.  Each person places his or her raffle ticket in the bucket of the charity he or she feels is most worthy.  The organization with the most raffle tickets wins the amount of money donated, and one contestant from each of the buckets will win a prize.

The fundraiser will take place Homecoming day, October 5th throughout the day.  Club members hope to collect monetary funds as well as educate the Mount de Sales community about these worthy organizations.

~ Victoria Tully ‘14

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