Managers Kicking it From the Sidelines

Knowing the game is one fun advantage, but senior Christine McQuay gets to take her knowledge from being a former Mount de Sales soccer player to a whole other level as she tackles her second year as the soccer team manager.
“Being able to be with the team and encourage them is one of the best parts about being the soccer manager,” said Christine.

With two years of JV soccer experience during her freshman and sophomore years, Christine couldn’t be more excited to continue being the manager for her team. She comes to all the games, whether away or at home on the new turf field, and helps out with the team. She keeps track of time, player statistics, etc. Sometimes, Christine will practice with the team and help them with their stretches and warm ups.
“Having a manager on the soccer team not only helps the coaching staff, but also helps the players with any assistance they may need. What people don’t understand sometimes is that the manager is one of the most important people on the team,” said varsity player and senior Kathleen Malcotti.

Being a manager has its advantages. You learn a lot of time management skills with balancing homework and fulfilling your duty as manager. Also, keeping track of player and game times along with player stats can also help you with your school work and learning how to remain focused. The job isn’t all just crunching numbers, but also a little bit of fun. Christine was able to take pictures of the team during their first home game of the season, along with being there for moral support for the players.

“Working with Christine was so much fun! She is one of my best friends so the fact that we got to do the job together made it that much better. We really enjoyed one another’s company and had a lot of fun with the team,” said former player and manager Mary Kate Lamm.

Maggie Mee ‘14


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