Gold Glove Goalie

IAAM B Conference field hockey goalie, Eve Lukowski, shows dominance, skill, and leadership in her pursuit of the third championship appearance in three years.

“Sometimes it’s really stressful and other times it may be boring. I either never see the ball during the game but other times get thirty shots,” said field hockey goalie Eve Lukowski.

Mount de Sales field hockey goalie, Eve Lukowski, has been a captain for her team for two years now. She is the leader of the team, but also the defense. The goalie can see the whole field, and has the best perspective. The IAAM B conference goalie trains hard with intense footwork routines and plenty of lunging. These workouts are important for Lukowski because it is essential to be able to get up quickly in all of the pads. Lukowski makes being a goalie look easy. By her effortless skills, one would never guess that Lukowski was dragged in to playing field hockey in middle school, but took a break, to again pick it up in high school when Mount de Sales was in need of a goalie.

Being a field hockey goalie is both rewarding for Lukowski, but can also be discouraging. “On a good day you feel happy with yourself but after a loss you feel like it is your fault,” said Lukowski.

The Mount de Sales field hockey team has gone to the championships two times in the past two years, and has won one out of the two. Lukowski believes that confidence is one of the most important things that comes with being a goalie because hesitation is not acceptable, and the ability to move quickly is important. In any sport it is the job as the goalie to be a leader. Because Mount de Sales has been dominant in the IAAM B Conference, they are the team to watch out for.

Lukowski says, “This year we have a target on our back. We are the team to beat.”

Allison Hynson ’14


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