Capturing History One Play at a Time

Emily Lemmon ’11

After High school a world of opportunities often open up, and for Alum Emily Lemmon an internship at the University of Alabama Communications Department has given her the chance to learn more about life as a Journalist.

“In just the short time I have been reporting at the University of Alabama games and football practices I have realized this is such an amazing opportunity. I thoroughly enjoy combining my love for sports with my passion for writing and I hope to pursue a career in the field,” said Emily Lemmon.

Emily Lemmon graduated from Mount De Sales Academy in 2011 and continued on to the University of Alabama to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She is currently a junior and recently applied for an internship to write a biweekly column for Bamamag Fox Sports. Dressed in a black and white hounds tooth dress and crimson heels, she strolls into practice twice a week to cover the most recent news regarding plays, line-ups, wins, losses, and unfortunate injuries every now and then. After observing she then writes a column to keep fans and students up to date on how the team is doing. She says the most difficult part of the internship is being able to see everything that is going on in practice while formulating a story. Emily has always had an interest in communications and writing, and as a senior at Mount De Sales Academy she took Photojournalism taught by Mrs. Margaret Schorr.

Beth Lemmon ’14


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