Behind The Scenes Of The Big Sisters

Each annual Big Sister Little Sister Day the classes unite not only in colors, but with a half day of classes, and dress down; as they all anticipate the afternoon of fun activities.

“Everyone at my lunch table is bringing in food on Friday and we’re all chipping in for a chick-fil-a tray to share with our new little sisters,” said junior Maddie Fields.

The anticipated, yearly Big Sister Little Sister Event brings a great deal of excitement to the Mount de Sales community, especially all the hard work put into the event this Friday, the 20th. Some groups of girls, like Maddie and her friends organize potluck lunches to enjoy with their friends and little sisters. Even if a potluck is not organized, girls not only bring their lunch, but face paint and excitement.

“Now I’ve moved up from being a little sister to the big sister,” said junior Megan McDermott.

Megan is happy to start sending notes and getting to know her new little sister. She can’t wait for Big Sister Little Sister Day to make shirts and take pictures with her little sister, freshman, Lisa Dambrosio. Megan is a member of the junior class student council and helped pair up the big and little sisters this year, she is delighted to have such a good relationship so far with her little sister.

Katie Lerch ’14


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