256 Inches. 719 Knots. 6 Designs.

Friendship bracelets are cute, colorful, and fun to make. Lots of students tap into their creative side and make them to relax and bring smiles to others.

“Making bracelets is really relaxing for me; I love to just take a break from whatever I’m doing and have something simple to concentrate on. I also like making them for other people because they’re always so happy to receive them and they act like friendship bracelets are the most amazing things they’ve ever seen,” said Sarah Boelsche, cousin of senior Kathy Martin.

The manufacturing of friendship bracelets began in the 13th century in Arabia. The idea then traveled to Italy and France and eventually got to the U.S. in the 1970s. Sailors often spent time tying knots to pass time and the skills they learned became an invaluable part of their repertoire. Kathy Martin makes bracelets every year because they fade easily and look better with bright summery colors. Surprisingly enough, she does not enjoy making them; she just likes how they look. She has received many compliments and countless requests.

“They are super creative and always look so much better than the ones I do. Mine always have funky knots in them and yours are perfect,” said senior McKenzie Hutchinson.

Kathy Martin ’14


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