11 Months, 11 Countries, 1 Amazing Dream

From a young age, Kayleigh Crandell (’14)’s cousin Megan Kennedy felt a strong urge to help other people – and now she’s doing that in a huge way. Through The World Race, Megan has already been to Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Over the next 8 months, she will be headed to South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Nepal, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania to give aid to the common village folk in these nations.

“Each month that passes, I’m excited for the next country,” said Megan, a recent graduate of University of North Carolina, “I’ve had extreme wanderlust since I was young and have always wanted to travel…So the World Race is perfect for me. Combining my desire to experience God in new and different ways and traveling the world while doing it.”
Megan grew up in a small suburb of Maryland, and although she misses the comfort of home with her friends and family, she knows just by being in these countries, she isn’t just traveling or helping people – Megan is strengthening hers and others’ relationships with the Lord.

When asked what the most important lesson she has learned since being involved in the World Race, Megan said, “Never have I had to depend on the Lord the way that I have to on the race. And it’s beautiful. Each day, because of this dependence on the Lord, I’m learning something new and I’m falling more in love with God as I realize how much He loves me…I’ve learned to seek God and His word alone to discover more about His character and who I am in Him.”

Megan’s personal blog about her adventures for the next 8 months can be found at www.megankennedy.theworldrace.org. To find out more about the World Race, go to www.theworldrace.org, and remember to pray for all missionaries around the world.

Kayleigh Crandell ’14

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