Mrs. Luzier Rocks!

Physics and chemistry teacher, Mrs. Stephanie Luzier enjoys a unique hobby not many know about. Her interest in minerals takes her out of the classroom and into an ancient world of gleaming treasures. Mrs. Luzier, along with her husband, Chris, and her daughter Olivia, began their favorite past time of collecting minerals in 2005. Franklin, New Jersey is their favorite place to hunt, because of its rich abundance in ultraviolet minerals.
“[We started] by accident, actually, driving through Franklin, New Jersey… We were hooked when we found the Franklin Mineral Museum,” Luzier said.
Mrs. Luzier enjoys hunting for gems especially during the night, because certain colors, especially reds, such as calcite, and greens, such as willemite, will glow brightly. Luzier explains how it looks a lot like Christmas. Finding a blue or a yellow mineral is also really interesting under the short-wave light.
“We have about 357 minerals here in Franklin…” Bill Kroth, geologist at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum states. “Some of these minerals have been here for over 1.35 billion years.”
Cassie George ’15


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