Sailors Prepare for Spring 5K

Donned in sweatbands and running shoes, MDSA girls are hitting the tarmac in preparation of the annual Sailors for Soldier 5k walk/run. The girls, teachers, administrations, and those in the community all come together on this special day to raise awareness and support American Troops. 

“Well it seemed like something that was necessary. It really hit home because of my son being out there and the sacrifices that men and women make. We need to honor what they do for us and help make their lives better,” said Mount De Sales teacher and Support the Troops moderator Eileen Clements. 

The Sailors for Soldiers 5k is a run/walk that is organized by the Support the Troops club and will be taking place on March 29th of this school year. The 5k raises money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project and will take place in the Patapsco State Park. In order to make this event happen, the girls in the Support the Troops raise money all year and do as much as they can to get sponsorships and publicity on the event. This event is very charitable to the Wounded Warrior Project and to the soldiers that risk their lives every day. 

“The wounded warrior project is one of the greatest ways we can support our troops and I was glad I could be a part of it,” said Senior and Support the Troops club member Norina McAuliffe. 

 Erin Phoebus ’14


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