Growing With God in June

Imagine thousands of teens gathered in a large gym, singing religious music and preparing for an evening of prayer. Sixty-five Mount de Sales students came together with students from all over the country to praise the Lord and deepen their faith together at the annual Steubenville Youth Conference held in eastern Ohio. The weekend was filled with concerts, Mass, adoration, motivational speakers, and time spent together as a community of faith.

The whole retreat was so much fun hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and growing closer to Christ,” said senior Teresa Majerowicz.  Many of the activities during the weekend involved meeting new people and small group talks.

The Franciscan University of Steubenville hosted 2,000 students at their main campus this past summer.  College students and seminarians from the university helped to organize a religious retreat that many high school students look forward to attending each year.

The most powerful part of Steubenville for me would’ve had to be adoration, when the lights went down and everyone started praying.  It was a truly powerful experience seeing everyone come together as one whole and just pray,” said junior Marissa Hawkins. 

C. Nellies ‘14


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