Dribble, Shoot, Cook – Varsity Basketball Our Daily Bread

The Varsity Basketball team made casseroles for Our Daily Bread over Christmas Break.  Our Daily Bread is a Catholic charitable program that has been feeding the poor and homeless in Baltimore for over 30 years.  Everyone was very excited to be helping people in need during this Christmas season.

“Each year we like to find new service project to support our community.  This was a great way for us to bond with each other and help other people, all at the same time,” said senior Jasmine Couvillion.

Players brought various ingredients such as rice, cans of mushroom soup, and chicken to Gabby Cha’s house on Thursday, December 20 after practice.  They prepared 8 Chicken and Rice casseroles. 

“Christmas was a time that we got a break to focus on things other than school.  So I’m glad we were able to use it to possibly make a difference in someone’s life” said Annie Tavera.

G. Cha ‘13

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