Spinning Rings with Family and Friends

What makes the Mount de Sales class ring so special? Is it the unique style of the ring or is it the tradition behind receiving the ring? Many Mount de Sales girls say it is both the style and tradition, but their favorite part of receiving their ring, is being with their class sisters and strengthening the bond between their class and the graduated classes that have come before them.

“The Mount de Sales ring is a wonderful tradition that the Mount de Sales students are able to experience,” said senior Lauren Sprankle, after reminiscing on her ring mass.

The ring has a Black Onyx stone in the middle, which supposedly protects someone from negative forces and influences. Black Onyx also enhances determination. The ring has a Mount de Sales emblem on the Black Onyx. In the middle of the stone, Mary’s heart and Jesus’ heart are connected by two lines. This is symbolic to Mount de Sales because the students must wear Mary’s Miraculous Medal every day to school. On Wednesday December 5, 2012, the class of 2014 received their class rings. There was a family mass before the girls received their rings. Families gathered while the class grew stronger together. The mass started with the class processing in and ended with the girls receiving their rings. Following the mass, the freshman class provided snack and refreshments for the junior class and their families. The class of 2014 took many pictures together with their friends. Many of the girls had their friends and family member spin their ring, hoping to receive 162 spins, because of the tradition of spinning the ring. Once a student receives their ring, they are supposed to have their ring spun the number of their graduating year.

“It was a great experience to share with my friends and family,” said junior Courtney VanWie.

N. Jennings ‘14


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