U.S. History Club celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

Isabelle Ryan ’13, Lauren Wilhem ’13, Mrs. Natale, Haley Jones ’13, and Megan Tucker ’13

The group poses in front of a statue.

The American history students visited the Gettysburg Cyclorama, a famous painting of union soldiers holding off the confederate forces in Gettysburg, PA.The National History Club went on their first field trip to Gettysburg on October 13th.  Four seniors, and six juniors joined Mrs. Natale on the tour of the battlefields

“In AP U.S. History, we learned a lot about the battles of the civil war.  It was really cool to see the setting of the battle of Gettysburg up close. It was a real learning experience,” senior, Megan Tucker, said.

All the expenses of the trip were covered by the money raised over the past year.  Mrs. Natale, the club’s sponsor, said, “These girls have worked really hard for the past two years.  From making apple cider to selling popcorn, they always put together great booths at school events.”

The National History Club was created at Mount de Sales in the beginning of the 2009 school year.  Mrs. Natale and the history students and club members work to keep the nation’s history alive.  Join history club today! 
C. Jordan ’13


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